Tony’s bio

TonyIn a perfect world I would spend my time between inventing great new devices and systems that inspire and revolutionize things and following up on hobbies like photography and movies. In the imperfect world that we live in I work in IT to pay the mortgage and food bill by creating and maintaining computer systems that make the world of business tick over.

My original training began with computers and physics back in the early 80’s at Canterbury University weaving a career that included pumping gas, frying at McDonald’s, driver education and finally a long spell in IT.

Like most parents of school aged children my life revolves around kids, school, work and kids. Our son is our life right now and we love him dearly but we yearn for our own space and time.

This blog is about things that interest me, things that inspire me and my particular slant on life. Drop by anytime and flick me a comment if you like. I have currently disabled comments on posts because I get no-end of spam but we can still be reach on the contact us page.


Hard disk SMART monitoring and alerts in OMV

All modern hard drives come with SMART, Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, which in essence allows you to monitor the status of your disks and if they have any errors. This will often alert you to dangerous situations where you … Continue reading

Back To The Future – Swanson School Production 2017

Once again at the direction of deputy principle Chris Hood, Swanson School puts on a fiery rendition of another classic full of life, energy and fun. Back to the Future has to be one of the best classic movies of … Continue reading

Hook – Swanson School Production 2015

Swanson School had it’s first production under the leadership of Mr Hood as they weaved the  classic J. M. Barrie tale of Captain Hook and Peter Pan with this adaption for stage written by Mr Hood. Follow Peter, Wendy, John and … Continue reading