• Spark Cricket League 2020

    Friday 14th the Inventory Busters first match with P2P Tigers in Victoria Park Auckland [show_slider name=”spark-cricket-league-2020″] read more…

    Spark Cricket League 2020
  • Kapa Haka by Westmere Primary School

    The kids from Westmere Primary School came to the Spark NZ atrium to perform a Kapa Haka. Originally intended for another audience which didn’t work out at the last minute they moved to Spark City in Auckland and boy they put on a great show. The costumes were fantastic, the singing was great and the… read more…

    Kapa Haka by Westmere Primary School
  • Diwali 2018 at Spark NZ

    Diwali is such great fun and the Indian community at Spark are so enthusiastic and welcoming. The energy and variety is fantastic, Well done fall of you, I know you put in the long hours practicing the dancing and it shows. Can’t wait for next year.  Simon Moutter and Claire Barber had some good… read more…

    Diwali 2018 at Spark NZ
  • Connect SonicWALL TZ205w to Fibre ONT

    We recently got fibre to our house using Spark as the ISP and of course Chorus as the installer. The fibre terminates in the house at the ONT, optical network terminal. The ONT  has an Ethernet RJ-45 socket that you connect to the Spark supplied Huawei HG659b modem. At the time I had a SonicWALL TZ170… read more…

    Connect SonicWALL TZ205w to Fibre ONT