• Easter Holiday with my Dad

    One day at Easter time I went to a farm up North with my dad. The farm belonged to my Dad’s ex boss. The farm was in Warkworth. First we went in the house. Next we went outside to ride the pony called Richard. I rode him down the driveway outside. Then we went back… read more…

    Easter Holiday with my Dad
  • Speed king

    Josh demonstrates his love of the car in this clip where he screams down the hill at the park – don’t stand in his way ’cause he is a movin’ read more…

    Speed king
  • I just can’t wait to be king

    Josh and his class of 2010 perform “I just can’t wait to be king” at the school concert. read more…

    I just can’t wait to be king
  • The helicopter pilot

    Josh demonstrates the Syma S100 helicopter explaining how much it costs and how to charge it up. He then goes on to fly it around the living room, in the process demonstrating his skills as a pilot and the flexibility of the helicopter read more…

    The helicopter pilot
  • Josh’s Artwork 2012

    [satellite gallery=3 thumbs=on caption=off ] Art from Joshua in 2012 read more…

    Josh’s Artwork 2012