• Install Netflix on Kodi

    I wanted to watch Netflix on Kodi on Windows and although there are no official add-on’s for Netflix I chose the “Netflix” add-on by Stefano Gottardo, aka. CastagnaIT, as it seems to be respected by many people including comments in the Kodi forums This plugin was born in 2017 designed and created by asciidisco with… read more…

    Install Netflix on Kodi
  • Enabling copy and paste in ESX VM

    I really wanted copy and paste between Windows and VMs running in ESX. This is what finally worked for me. Note this was for ESX “6.0.0 Update 3 (Build 5050593)”. I was using VMware Workstation 16 Player “16.1.2 build-17966106” on Windows 10. Also, this only worked when I ran “Console | Launch remote console”. It… read more…

    Enabling copy and paste in ESX VM
  • Test DNS connectivity

    I was setting up OKD on a separate VLAN and wanted to used the OKD DNS service but it just wasn’t working and I felt it was a connectivity/firewall issue but could not find a tool to test. I was testing on my Windows 10 desktop connecting to a Fedora DNS server. Port Query I… read more…

    Test DNS connectivity
  • Clear cache for add-ons in Kodi

    I have been doing some work with MythTV and the Kodi MythTV addon. This has been around upgrading my MythTV from 0.25 to 0.29 which is quite a steps and I have had to go back and forth between versions. One of the biggest challenges is that I am using Kodi on Windows 10 as… read more…

    Clear cache for add-ons in Kodi
  • Deleting and moving deep paths in Windows

    The Problem Windows and even Windows 7, have a problem with paths that are over 260 characters. Basically DOS or command line and Windows Explorer can’t deal with paths this long. The thing is the problem is not about Windows API, the basic components of Windows, but about the programs that run in Windows. An… read more…

    Deleting and moving deep paths in Windows