Install Netflix on Kodi

I wanted to watch Netflix on Kodi on Windows and although there are no official add-on’s for Netflix I chose the “Netflix” add-on by Stefano Gottardo, aka. CastagnaIT, as it seems to be respected by many people including comments in the Kodi forums

This plugin was born in 2017 designed and created by asciidisco with the initial purpose of studying the functioning of the DRMs. The enthusiasm for its success has involved many other developers, who working together have been able to evolve this project into an unofficial platform, giving the opportunity to the Kodi community to use the Netflix service, in full compliance with current regulations.

These instructions are based mostly on Stefano’s instructions at:

Download the addon

As this is not available from the Kodi repository so the first step is to add Stefano’s Kodi repository to Kodi. Go to the file in Github

Next select the zip file for your version of Kodi, which for me was “CastagnaIT Repository for KODI 18.x LEIA –”

Once you have downloaded it go to your Add-On Browser in Kodi and select “Install from zip file”

Then select the repository zip file you just downloaded

Now go back to your add-on browser and this time select “Install from repository”:

Now from within the Castagnait repository go into “Video add-ons” and you should find Netflix. You may be prompted about having to install various addon.

Logging on

For me I got lucky and using email and password worked for me. However you might have to use an authentication key. I have not used this but the instructions are available on the Castagnait site: