• CentOS 7 + PHP 7.2 + Python 3.6 + Apache 2.4

    I am setting up a new CentOS 7 server, in 2019, because I want a long life public facing WordPress host that I can update easily. For example when the “Heartbleed” security bug, in the OpenSSL cryptography library, was discovered you needed to update your SSL install. This proved to be a major problem for… read more…

    CentOS 7 + PHP 7.2 + Python 3.6 + Apache 2.4
  • Date Problems Converting A Dictionary To JSON

    If you want to convert a dictionary object to JSON you would use something like: myJSON = json.dumps(myDict, indent=4, sort_keys=True) read more…

    Date Problems Converting A Dictionary To JSON
  • Persisting Azure Pipeline Variables

    Azure pipelines are great, but a frustration is how to persist variables through phases in build and release pipelines. For two tasks running in the same agent phase you can pass variables a number of ways. If it is a Windows host you can do it through PowerShell or the O/S, otherwise you can drop… read more…

    Persisting Azure Pipeline Variables
  • Apache doesn’t write to /var/tmp

    I had a really strange problem, I was writing a tiny Python script to learn about Python and it was writing to /var/tmp. Only problem was the file never turned up. This script was run from within Apache 2 on Fedora 18. The file I was trying to create was “webhook_current_json_request.json“. Turns out the problem… read more…

    Apache doesn’t write to /var/tmp
  • Enable python scripts in Apache

    Want to run Python from Apache 2.4, this is what I did to get it working. For this exercise I am creating a web hook script and want to run them from the custom folder “/srv/www/webhooks/”. Apache config changes First backup and then open up “/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf” in your favorite editor.. Search for “#AddHandler cgi-script .cgi”… read more…

    Enable python scripts in Apache