• Concatenate artist tags using Mp3tag

    My music player of choice is Neutron unfortunately this doesn’t deal with multiple artists for one track, it only displays the name of the first artist. So for the track “Bangla Dhun” it would show the artist as Ravi Shankar. This is pretty frustrating as I like to know who are all the known… read more…

    Concatenate artist tags using Mp3tag
  • CD Archiving

    Rip the music to FLAC First rip the CD Using EAC and the post Archiving a CD using Exact Audio Copy (EAC). This will put the ripped songs *.flac, EAC log file *.log, CUE file *.cue and playlist *.m3u8 files in the root of the folder for that CD: Archive the artwork Archive the artwork… read more…

    CD Archiving
  • Archiving CD artwork

    The goal when I archive CDs is to get the best possible digital quality from my CDs and be protected against the loss of my collection. I don’t have as big a collection as many but I like most of the CDs I have got and I don’t want to have to hunt for them… read more…

    Archiving CD artwork