• AtomicParsley tagging for iTunes MP4 files

    AtomicParsley is a real cool command line tool that creates files that work perfectly with iTunes/iPhone etc. It runs under Windows and works really reliably. I use it all the time to create files that will be correctly tagged for my iPhone. It is the best most reliable command line tool to do this I… read more…

    AtomicParsley tagging for iTunes MP4 files
  • BFrames – what are they

    Resource Video compression picture types (Wikipedia) Description There are three types of pictures (or frames) used in video compression: I‑frames, P‑frames, and B‑frames. An I‑frame is an ‘Intra-coded picture’, in effect a fully-specified picture, like a conventional static image file. P‑frames and B‑frames hold only part of the image information, so they need less… read more…