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  • Mission Bay Beach House

    On the last day of 2017 I took the boys to the beach at Mission Bay and found this on the sand a little above the high tide mark. Nearly missed it at first but really glad I didn’t. [show_slider name=”mission-bay-beach-house”] When you look at the detail, such as the tiny table out in front… read more…

    Mission Bay Beach House
  • It ain’t no Tardis !

    Spotted recently above the Victoria Park Market renovations to the old car park building: read more…

    It ain’t no Tardis !
  • Who the heck is JWT and TWA

    Going to work on 21/11/2013 I saw the above sign above Econo Lodge at the corner of Albert and Wellesley Sts. Normally there is a sign advertising the NZ Herald but today there was a sign for JWT and TWA. The natural assumption was it was two people one with initials JWT and another with… read more…

    Who the heck is JWT and TWA