Mission Bay Beach House

On the last day of 2017 I took the boys to the beach at Mission Bay and found this on the sand a little above the high tide mark. Nearly missed it at first but really glad I didn’t.


When you look at the detail, such as the tiny table out in front with a flat table and even a bowl, with food, in it with what could easily be a bench seat next to it.

It has a boat ramp and some sort of out house or shed. The creator even added appropriate “trees”.

The detail extends to the windows which aren’t just holes in the walls they have sills which again aren’t just a round piece of wood but flat. I can’t imagine how much time it took just to find all the various pieces of wood.

If the creator would like credit or their name mentioned I am more than happy to help just send me a message on our contact page, http://www.zoyinc.com/?p=616 . Unfortunately comments have been disabled on all posts due to spam đŸ˜¥