• Concatenate artist tags using Mp3tag

    My music player of choice is Neutron unfortunately this doesn’t deal with multiple artists for one track, it only displays the name of the first artist. So for the track “Bangla Dhun” it would show the artist as Ravi Shankar. This is pretty frustrating as I like to know who are all the known… read more…

    Concatenate artist tags using Mp3tag
  • Converting FLAC to ALAC using xrecode

    I save all my files in FLAC but want to be able to play them on an iPhone with a loss less codec. With Apple devices the only option is ALAC, Apple Lossless Audio Codec. The process I use to archive my discs to FLAC is described in CD Archiving Hunting around I found the… read more…

    Converting FLAC to ALAC using xrecode
  • The case for FLAC

    Often the pursuit of having our music collections accessible wherever we happen to be begins with digitising cds. For many this transformation begins with iTunes or Media Player, either way the result is a digital collection in one file format or another. If you live in an Apple universe and just want it done quickly… read more…

    The case for FLAC