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  • Clear cache for add-ons in Kodi

    I have been doing some work with MythTV and the Kodi MythTV addon. This has been around upgrading my MythTV from 0.25 to 0.29 which is quite a steps and I have had to go back and forth between versions. One of the biggest challenges is that I am using Kodi on Windows 10 as… read more…

    Clear cache for add-ons in Kodi
  • Apache Directory Studio

    I recently started playing with OpenLDAP and as a consequence went on the search for a LDAP client. I had been using the Softerra LDAP browser several years ago and it seemed to do what I want but I now see the free version is somewhat limited so I went looking. I found the Apache… read more…

    Apache Directory Studio
  • OpenLDAP for Windows

    This is a very simple article to keep small bits of info about installing OpenLDAP for Windows. I am using the version available from UserBooster as it seemed to work quite well for me. Resources OpenLDAP for Windows from UserBooster The licensing for OpenLDAP for Windows from UserBooster states: “OpenLDAP for Windows is free… read more…

    OpenLDAP for Windows