Gnome Schedule – a GUI to CRON or AT

Gnome Scheduler AboutIf you want a recurring job or task to run on a Unix/Linux box the standard has been CRON. To add extra jobs or tasks can be done from a command line but I tend to be a lazy fellow so I look for a GUI front end that makes my life easier.

At the moment I am running Fedora 18 and the tool of choice is “Gnome Schedule”. I have been using it for a while now and it seems to work just fine.

To install you need to use the package “gnome-schedule”. The easiest way to install it is by running:

yum install gnome-schedule

In my case I was using: gnome-schedule-2.1.5-3.fc18.noarch.

You start Schedule from:

Applications | System Tools | Scheduled tasks

To create a recurring task start Scheduler and you should see something like this:

Gnome SchedulerA task should look like the following:

GnomeSchedulerV3I use this tool all the time and it works great for me.