Open Media Vault FAQs and tips

Please don’t think this is an official OMV FAQ, this is just things I found out in my travels around OMV.

What happens if I turn shutdown or lose power while rebuilding an array

It just picks up where it left off. I tried this by pulling the power cord out and again by shutting down gracefully. Both times it picked up where it left off.

Enable SSH

You should enable SSH under “Services | SSH”.

Ensure you also set “Permit root login” and “TCP forwarding”.

Wait for the “The configuration has changed” message

After making most config changes you will get prompted to “Apply” the change:

The configuration has changed

This doesn’t show up immediately, you might have to wait a few seconds for it to show. I think sometimes you actually have to click in the panel below for it to show.

The point is you need this to show so you can click on apply. Without doing this the function you have just changed won’t take effect.

Set OMV web admin to never timeout

The OMV web admin by default times out after 5 minutes. With v2 of OMV this presents with a somewhat misleading screen:

OMV web admin timeout

+ Click to enlarge

One of the problems with this is that you are supposed to click on it and it takes you to the login page. This is not immediately obvious and whats more sometimes Firefox pops up with a unresponsive script error:

Firefox unresponsive script

I didn’t find a good resolution so I simply set it to never time out, this is better for me anyhow.

Go to “System | General Settings | Web Administration” and set “Session timeout” to 0.

Stopping “SparesMissing event” emails

Out of the box with the RAID you are likely to find an email everyday with the subject similar to:

SparesMissing event on /dev/md/Mirror:nas2 [nas2.cantabrian]

This is a somewhat know error, ssh to the box and look for:


You will probably find a line like:

# definitions of existing MD arrays
ARRAY /dev/md/Mirror metadata=1.2 spares=1 name=nas2:Mirror UUID=fa9357c4:46935ec5:ebf94dda:dc66ddc7

You need to change the “spares=1” to “spares=0”. In fact it looks like you can delete “spares=1” altogether.

Install dnstools

I installed this primarily to get “nslookup”:

apt-get install dnsutils