Spark Sport – F1 Hyper Stimulator

Friday Spark Sport brought in the folks from Hyper Stimulator and put down a couple of their cars in the atrium at Spark City and let us have a go and boy was it fun. I really enjoyed it and those that tried had a great time also.

In our case we were driving a McLaren F1 car around the Albert Park (Melbourne Grand Prix) In a Spark Sport-branded Hyper Stimulator race car simulator

There was a leader board, far as I know no prize but it didn’t matter it was worth it just to a have a go for free. I did it twice and could have done it many more times, might have even got better. I really liked the feel and level of sophistication of the equipment the steering wheel had really good feed back and you could really feel the bumps when you went over them and yes I did manage to do that a few times.

Have a look at how me and my friends went:


Spark Sport:

Hyper Stimulator: