Disabling screensavers on Fedora 16

The motivation here was that I had a MythTV frontend running in our lounge connected to a 42″ flat screen with LED back lighting, I had no need to have a screensaver and actually found it very annoying.

Unfortunately, at least on Fedora 16, disabling or removing the screensaver is not as easy as you might wish.


1. Disable screen blanking. Start by running the following 

Applications | System Tools | Add/Remove Programs

2. Use this tool to remove all “screensaver” programs and
in particular:GNOME Screensaver “xscreensaver”.So from within “Add/Remove Programs” search for “screensaver” and remove everything that seems like a screensaver function.
3. Edit the file “/etc/profile” you will need to do this as root:
4. Add the following lines at the bottom of the file

xset dpms 0 0 0
xset s noblank
xset s 0 0
xset -dpms
xset s noexpose

Note: In the above they a zeros, not “O”

5. Save the file
6. Reboot.
7. Once it has logged in again open up a terminal and runxset qLook for these sections:

Screen Saver:
 prefer blanking: no   allow exposures:   yes
 timeout:  0   cycle:  0
 DPMS (Energy Star):
 Standby: 0    Suspend: 0    Off:0
 DPMS is Enabled
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