TinyMCE Zoyinc buttons WordPress plugin

Zoyinc buttons are a very simple WordPress plugin created to solve a specific problem.

Download TinyMCE Zoyinc buttons


I use the Weaver theme, TinyMCE Advanced and need to be able to include pieces of code using a syntax highlighter plugin. I would like to use Crayon Syntax Highlighter as it has a good rating and seems to work well.

The problem is that Crayon Syntax Highlighter, like most syntax highlighters, is built around using the “<pre” tag. Crayon can use other tags and do things other ways but it really doesn’t work as well and it feels like the other methods will deprecated anyway.

One cool thing I discovered was that with Crayon you can tell it to ignore a specific “<pre” tag by inserting “crayon:false” such as:

<pre class="crayon:false;">really interesting text</pre>

This is actually quite powerful because it means you can use Crayon for everything except “<pre”, you just have to put some extra bits in the “<pre” tag. But that’s the rub, its quite a pain to always have to jump into text mode, find the right spot and change the tag. The thing is I often put preformatted, “<pre”, tags in quite a few places in an article so bouncing between text and visual modes is a real pain

I spent sometime, probably much to much time, looking into this. I came to the conclusion the answer was to try to create a plugin that added button which wrapped the corrected “<pre” tag around the selected text.

The Plugin

As I have never written a WordPress plugin and my requirements were modest to say the least I based my work on another similar project:

Name: wp-heading-buttons
Author: Tercan Keskin
URL: http://tercan.net/


This appears to be the main interface with WordPress and TinyMCE. There is not a lot to say here as it seems pretty intuitive. The only thing you might change is the line:

array_push($buttons, '|', 'zbutton1');

which is where you add extra buttons. So if you wanted two buttons you would make changes in the javascript files and then change the above line to:

array_push($buttons, '|', 'zbutton1', 'zbutton2');


This is javascript page where most of the changes occurred:

The highlighted lines are the interesting ones:

tinyMCE.activeEditor.selection.getContent()” grabs the content that you have selected allowing you to put it into a variable, in my case “tagtext”.

ed.execCommand(‘mceInsertContent’, false, tagtext+'”>’+html+'</pre>’)” allows you to replace the selected text, which you put in “tagtext” with new text.

Be aware you can’t just put any old thing in with “mceInsertContent”. I had times when I added text but it was all stripped out by TinyMCE and replaced with simple “<pre” tags. So you may want to approach this slowly and do a bit of experimenting to discover what you can achieve.


This plugin is currently not on the WordPress plugin site as it’s just too much trouble for such a small one-off plugin.

To install simply download the plugin zip file: zoyinc_tinymce_buttons.zip and then go to plugins and click on new:

From there click on “Upload”

And then upload the zip file:

From here you just activate the plugin.

There is no configuration to this plugin. If you want to modify it you have to edit the code – sorry.



Editing a plugin

I found I was constantly tweaking files and testing them to see the result. I started by editing on a Windows PC then zip and uploading. This becomes a real pain if you are doing a lot of small tweaks and edits.

Firstly the location of the files would be somewhere along the lines of:


I run WinSCP from my desktop and edit the files from there. When I save the file WinSCP notices and uploads the file to the server. Refreshing the browser then shows the changed file – simple quick.