Dr Who season list for MythTV

This is a list, for myself, of a mapping of actual seasons to season numbers I use in MythTV. This is necessary because Doctor Who went from seasons to series and MythTV only has one field. This means the latest “Series” will have different Season numbers to those expected – the world is an imperfect place.

Myth SeasonActual Season/SeriesYearActor(s)
1season 11963William Hartnell
2season 21964William Hartnell
3season 31965William Hartnell
4season 41966William Hartnell & Patrick Troughton
5season 51967Patrick Troughton
6season 61968Patrick Troughton
7season 71970Jon Pertwee
8season 81971Jon Pertwee
9season 91972Jon Pertwee
10season 101973Jon Pertwee
11season 111974Jon Pertwee
12season 121975Tom Baker
13season 131975Tom Baker
14season 141976Tom Baker
15season 151977Tom Baker
16season 161978Tom Baker
17season 171979Tom Baker
18season 181980Tom Baker
19season 191982Peter Davison 
20season 201983Peter Davison 
21season 211984Peter Davison & Colin Baker 
22season 221985Colin Baker
23season 231986Colin Baker
24season 241987Sylvester McCoy 
25season 251988Sylvester McCoy 
26season 261989Sylvester McCoy 
101series 12005Christopher Eccleston
102series 22006David Tennant
103series 32007David Tennant
104series 42008David Tennant
105series 52010Matt Smith
106series 62011Matt Smith
107series 72012Matt Smith
108series 82014Peter Capaldi
109series 92015Peter Capaldi
110series 102016Peter Capaldi
111series 112018Jodie Whittaker 
112series 122020Jodie Whittaker 
113series 132021Jodie Whittaker

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