Transparent header on image background

What I am talking about is the site logo at the top of all pages, in our case the word “ZOYINC” at the top of this site;

Wordpress Transparent BannerI struggled to get this working with Weaver II 1.2.7 theme with WordPress 3.5.0. In my case I have the header as “ZoyincTxtTransparent2.png” which looks like:

WordpressTransparent Banner PNGFirstly you need to set the header using the default WordPress area:

WordPress Header SettingAfter that go into the Weaver settings and look in:

Dashboard | Appearance | Weaver II Pro Admin | Main Options | General Appearance

and then look for “Wrapper Page BG”

You will need to type “transparent” into the textbox.

Obviously your image needs to be transparent in the first page for this to work, so a PNG or GIF would be natural choices.

Note “#wrapper” is the CSS element for the header, so this is the bit that needs the attention.