Vandals upset 500 train passengers

Train Vandals

Today my train was cancelled because vandals had put graffiti on it. Along with approximately 500 other passengers my train to Waitakere I was pretty annoyed.

As the trains go from Britomart to Newmarket they stop on a bend just outside Newmarket to wait for a free slot at the station. During this time, less than 2 minutes, they tagged what was the back fo the train.

The train must have pulled up into Newmarket and uploaded more passengers and just as it was about to leave they discovered the graffiti – probably when the driver moved from one end of the train to the other as it was about to back out of Newmarket. At this point the train was cancelled and all the passengers had to go up the escalators and over to platform 3.

Train Passengers changing platform

Like most of the passengers I am so frustrated that the actions of probably one individual wanting to make their mark has inconvenienced so many people and cost the traveling public money to remove.

To top it off because it was peak hour we had passengers from two trains squashed into one – standing room for most of the trip and that’s for about 200 standing passengers.

Train graffiti