Electrics in service on the Western Line

Josh catching train in Swanson

We have been waiting a very long time but finally EMUs, Electric Multiple Unit, have been running on the Western Line in Auckland. We noticed them testing late last year at night and then just before Christmas they were testing during the daytime. Tonight we noticed one running about 6pm and it seemed to be carrying passengers. A phone call to a helpful lady at Britomart and we learned that we would be able to catch such a train.

Testing of electrics in Ranui

Catching the train in Swanson

Josh in the drivers cab

Passengers boarding in Ranui

Train Controls

Testing 6 carriage

Yes there was trains taking passengers from Eden Park to Britomart after World Cup Cricket games but today was the first time passengers could travel the full distance from Britomart to Swanson and back. We caught the next train after the one we noticed as it went to Swanson but allowing for the 40 minute stop at Swanson it meant it was heading back to the city at 9:07pm – too late for us to go all the way so we made do with Ranui to Swanson and then back to Ranui.

As you can see we were really wrapped to catch what turned out to be the second electric train carrying passengers to Swanson. Apparently it was a “one off” which occurred because there wasn’t any other train available yahoo !