How do I find the version of Subversion used by my SVN server


You connect to an Subversion server that you don’t manage yourself – perhaps a company one or open source project, and you want to know what version of Subversion is it running.


1.  Login to your Subversion repository using Firefox or a variant of Firefox like Waterfox
2.  Select:

Tools | Web Developer | Web Console

3. Refresh the page
4. At the bottom you should see something similar to:

5. Click on “Get https://…..” and you should see something like:

6. Look at the “Server” details under “Response Headers”


This method seems quite good except it doesn’t work all the time. In fact it didn’t work on my home SVN server so I had to go to the SVN server for Apache to get the above screenshot.

But it seems like as good a method as any.