The Block NZ Villa Wars – a view from the outside

The Block Villa Wars titleThe block started a couple of weeks ago and I have been itching to drive past and see how it has progressed. Now the 11th of October 2015 the houses are really starting to look like something from the outside.

I must say I was a little nervous that we would go out to Sandringham and find the road was blocked off or something so it was nice to see none of that and at least when we went no-one else seemed to be driving around looking. Its a bit hard I am torn between not being a nuisance to the neighbors and satisfying my curiosity – obviously with the three of us being block nuts curiosity won đŸ˜›

You will recall the state of the houses before the new villas were placed there from my earlier post The Block 2015 – Preparation begins:

TheBlockVillaWars The start

It is certainly starting to look interesting. One of my fears was the gap between the houses, but looking at it now that doesn’t seem so bad – too close for me personally but not nearly as bad as it looked on TV at the moment.


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The Block Villa Wars row

As we were leaving Cat was walking around and said literally a couple of words and we passed on our complements – so that was nice.

The Block Villa Wars - looking better

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